Speak To Your Mountains

Move your mountains (obstacles), and don’t try to climb them….

Then the disciples came to Jesus in private and asked, ‘Why couldn’t we drive it out?’  He replied, ‘Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.’ (Matthew 17:19-20, NIV; cf. Matthew 21:21-22; Mark 11:22-24; and Luke 17:6).

Why do believers preach, teach, sing and write about seeking God for the strength to climb their MOUNTAINS, when Jesus the Christ never taught us to do any such thing? Indeed, He told us that even FAITH that is as small as a mustard seed is FAITH that’s powerful enough for us to say to our MOUNTAINS, “Move from here to there,” and they will move.

In this world, both the saved and the unsaved people will go through seasons when life’s challenges will seem to be overwhelming. Now, while the unsaved usually will respond in ungodly ways to those circumstances and situations that occur during their overwhelming seasons, the absolute truth is that believers (saved individuals) should not be responding to their circumstances and situations in ways that might suggest they are not saved. In other words, Gods  children should never give in to the temptation to talk about how BAD their problems are, or about how HARD it is for them to climb the rough side of their mountains.

Basically, a mountain (problem) is a barrier, meaning anything in this world that keeps believers from completing God’s Will. Naturally and spiritually speaking, a  mountain is anything that slows down or impedes believers’ progress in the Kingdom of God!

Therefore, it is not enough that believers talk to their mountains about how BIG their God is. It will not do believers any good to declare to their mountains that they serve a mighty BIG God, if believers do not have the FAITH to respond to their mountains the way the Word of God says they should do?

The harsh reality is the knowledge about how BIG their God is, in and of itself, will not produce the overcomer’s results that Jesus the Christ says people of faith should achieve. Then too, praying and fasting will not move any mountain, either. For sure, the Lord also never told believers to pray, in the “churchy” way, to God about their mountains, or to fast, in the “churchy” way, so that their mountains will be removed. Why not? Well, it simply is because prayer and fasting ONLY deal with unbelief, or the lack of confidence in God’s Word (cf. Matthew 17:15-21; Mark 9:23-29). Thus, believers’ lack of faith is the main reason why most mountains in their lives never seem to go away, and/or never seem to stay away once they do leave!

Without a doubt, it is our faith that moves God, and not our knowledge of how Big He is, or our knowledge about all things being possible with Him, or our fasting and praying. The Lord COMMANDS us to speak to (COMMAND) our mountains, in His name (authority). Now, since God already has given us our measure of faith, it then is our responsibility to speak to our mountains (to tell them specifically and clearly to MOVE), instead of trying to use our words about how BIG our God is to intimidate our mountains, or instead of trying to climb our perilous mountains by enduring each tortuous journey a few footholds at a time, or, lastly, instead of trying to pray and fast them away.

Now, it does not matter whether believers’ measure of FAITH is the size of a mustard seed or a mustard bush. What really matters to God is that whenever believers DOUBT (don’t have 100 percent trust in Him or in His Word), they cancel out their measure of FAITH. For sure, FAITH and DOUBT cannot occupy the same space at the same time!

The Divine Truth is that God, by way of Jesus the Christ’s atoning sacrifice, has given believers the supernatural power of His Holy Spirit and His sovereign permission and authority to use this power. Thus, His God-given power is demonstrated when believers use His God-given authority, and His God-given authority becomes evident when believers speak His Word! For these reasons, born again Holy Spirit baptized believers ALWAYS should do what Jesus the Christ has commanded them to do about their mountains: They should speak to their MOUNTAINS and tell them to move, and then believe in their hearts that their mountains “will move” (Matthew 17:20b, NIV). As Jesus the Christ also says: “Everything is possible for one who believes” (Mark 9:23, NIV).

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8 thoughts on “Speak To Your Mountains

  1. Early this morning, I posted the following information about prayer on Google+:

    Too many believers misunderstand what prayer is. Prayer is the dynamic relationship (or fellowship) with God that is produced by either diligently seeking His Will, or asking for His Wisdom, or silently meditating on Him or on His Word, or just spending quiet time with Him. For these reasons, it is absolutely true that “prayer” changes a person’s attitudes toward the circumstances or situations, especially the attitudes of the one being prayed for or the one praying for his or her own circumstances or situations.

    Now, while the Scriptures say that “church” elders (those who lay hands on folks in order to heal the sick) are to pray the “prayer of faith” over the “sick,” this “prayer of faith” refers to believers speaking to the mountain (sickness) and COMMANDING that mountain (sickness) to be removed (healed) in the name (authority) of the Lord Christ Jesus, and by the power of His Holy Spirit. The Lord taught this “prayer of faith” in Mark 11:22-24.

    Praying this kind of “prayer of faith” absolutely will guarantee that the mountain (sickness) is healed, as long as the one commanding the sickness to be removed does not have any unbelief and, as a result, is NOT praying a “prayer of unbelief”—is NOT asking God to release His healing power, if it be His Will. Of course it is God’s Will that no one is sick and that everyone is healed (cf. 3 John v.2). Furthermore, healing is part of Christ Jesus’ atoning sacrifice, because He came to “save” us, and “save” (sozo) means to rescue, to keep safe, to preserve, to deliver, and to HEAL. Lastly, God already has placed His Son’s authority and His Holy Spirit’s healing power on the inside of us, which means we just need to USE what He already has given to us to use—we just need to release the fullness of God that is in us (cf. Ephesians 3:19).

  2. “Born again Holy Spirit baptized believers ALWAYS should do what Jesus the Christ has commanded them to do about their mountains: They should speak to their MOUNTAINS and tell them to move…”

    This is absolutely true. Amen! I needed this reminder. Thanks. I hope that you don’t mind if I re-blog this terrific article and share it on FaceBook.

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